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5 Reasons to Schedule Air Condtioning Repairs

Troubleshooting the air conditioning system in your Mamaroneck home can be a time-consuming and frustrating task, but you can save time and effort by reaching out to a qualified air conditioning company the instant you suspect a problem with your AC … (read more).

What's Wrong With Your Central Air Conditioning System?

Westchester County homeowners aren't expected to know everything that they need to know about their central air conditioning systems' thermostats, condensers, evaporator coils, refrigerant, compressors, and expansion valves … (read more).

4 Reasons To Get A Professional Heating Tune Up This Fall

With summer quickly coming to an end, and fall just a few short weeks away at this point, most homeowners are looking forward to being able to switch off their air conditioning systems and enjoy a bit of milder weather and lower energy bills… (read more).

Finding The Right Heating Repair Service In Westchester County

Just about anyone can claim that they are an experienced heating repair person. Unfortunately, it is often after the repair is made when it's discovered that mistakes were made.… (read more).

Why Energy Efficiency Matters When it Comes to Your Air Conditioning

One of the responsibilities you have, as a Westchester County homeowner, is to try to make your home as energy efficient as possible. The good news is that by doing so, this will also help to make your air conditioning energy efficient and run more effectively. However, if you have not already been paying much attention… (read more).

Heating Repairs vs Replacement

Are you faced with extensive heating repairs in Westchester County? If so, you may be wondering whether it's best to make furnace repairs or to go ahead and replace it. Part of being a homeowner means addressing important concerns that are bound to arise at one point or another. One main area that will have to be taken care of is your furnace… (read more).

Benefits of Whole Home Humidifiers

Especially during the winter months, the air can be very dry in Westchester and the surrounding areas, and one important part of keeping your home comfortable is making that its indoor air is high quality. While lotions and other products might help you keep your body more comfortable, a whole home humidifier.... (read more).

5 Tips To Lower Utility Bills

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, almost 50 percent of a typical home's utility bill is attributed to heating and air conditioning, 30 percent to appliances and lighting, and 20 percent to the water heater and refrigerator. This equates to almost $1,500 in energy bills for a typical household ... (read more).

Adding Central Heat and Air to an Existing Home

Many older Westchester County homes were built pre-central heat and air. This is a luxury that many of us have to enjoy and when moving into an older we find that this luxury is also a necessity. We tend to lose tolerance for heat as we grow older and those old window air conditioning units just look tacky. However, the whole idea of having to add ducts to a ... (read more).

Energy Efficiency in Homes

Building energy efficient homes and improving energy efficiency in our homes can increase their value. Over the past few years, there has been a ground swell of Green building interest by home buyers and builders. In response to the growing demand to conserve energy in our homes, there are several new mortgage programs that allow home buyers ... (read more).

How to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

In times of rising energy costs and rapidly depleting fossil fuels, making your air conditioner more efficient will reduce your energy usage, make your home more comfortable, save money, and possibly help to save the environment.  No matter what kind of air conditioning system you have, there are steps you can take to make your air ... (read more).

The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Conventional Air Conditioners

If you have a conventional air conditioner or you are considering purchasing one, there are some important things to know about how these machines work, the operating cost, energy efficiency, cost, size, and maintenance.  Conventional room air conditioners and ... (read more).



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